Artisan Kombucha, brewed and bottled by hand and with care in small batches

Kombucha is a nutrient-rich fermented tea beverage enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of health-conscious people all over the world because of the wide-variety of reported health benefits.

Benefits such as probiotics for digestion, inflammation and weight loss and B-Vitamins for increased energy, along with anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties.

Our philosophy for a good brew is simple. Because the Kombucha recipe is over 2,000 years old and has spanned the globe many times in all those years, we already know it’s phenomenally good for you. It doesn’t need additional flora to make it better. It just needs to taste good!

We, at Jasper Ridge Kombucha, have been working on exclusive recipes, tea blends and extraction methods for quite a few years and are confident we have perfected the original recipe, adding just enough fruit juices to compliment its natural tang.

Take a taste test and see why we call ours Slammin’ Booch. You won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll want to slam it, too.

Reported Health Benefits

Though there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence from avid Kombucha supporters, clinical studies are few and far between. And, though not a magic bullet, a few reported health benefits include:

  • Liver detoxification
  • Improved pancreas function
  • Increased energy
  • Better digestion
  • Improved mood (helps with anxiety/depression)
  • Reducing Candida (yeast)
  • Helps nutrient assimilation
  • May be beneficial for weight loss

These benefits could be partially due to the concentration of beneficial enzymes and acids present, including Gluconacetobacter, Lactobacillus and Zygosaccharomyces.


Find Jasper Ridge Kombucha

Whether you are in the mood to go out on the town or to a fair or festival to partake of our refreshing Kombucha or you'd prefer to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home, you can. Jasper Ridge Kombucha is taking our area by storm. Below is a list of locations offering this healthy and delicious elixer . Check back often. This list is growing.

And, if you'd like your local taproom, bar/club, cafe/restaurant or local market to carry this amazing beverage, simply ask them to contact us. We would be happy to supply them with your favorite Kombucha today.


Chef Jeff & Co.

A personal chef and catering service now offering a wide-variety of refreshing Kombucha flavors at the store, currently in half-gallon jugs and 16-oz bottles.

2407 Kannapolis Hwy.
Concord NC 28027
(704) 262-3933

Twenty-Six Acres Brewing

This laid-back, kid- and family-friendly taproom is a place for friends and neighbors to gather and relax while enjoying freshly-made local beer and Kombucha.

7285 West Winds Blvd NW
Concord NC 28027
(980) 277-BEER (2337)

Thursday 4 to 10 pm
Friday 2 to 10 pm
Saturday 12 to 10 pm
Sunday 12 to 7 pm

Matthews Farmers’ Market

For 26 years the market has provided a lively community gathering place in downtown Matthews to shop, nibble, relax and meet neighbors.

105 N Trade St
Matthews NC
(704) 821-6430

Saturday 8 to noon

Cotswold Farmers’ Market

Seeking to improve the Cotswold community by promoting a healthy lifestyle, encouraging healthy eating and exercise. Featuring local farms and producers.

309 S. Sharon Amity Rd.
Charlotte NC

Saturday 8 am to noon


Kombucha is a versatile beverage. The wonderful thing about it is you can drink it just about any way you want. You can enjoy it as a simple, fruity drink or play with it to make it bubbly and impart your own flavors. We’d like to teach you everything there is to know about and to do with booch. Just stay with us.




Ready Made and Ready to Go

Jasper Ridge Kombucha offers a variety of down-home flavors for you to choose from. As our Booch Master creates his flavor sensations, he rushes to unveil them for you to enjoy. Please contact us to find this week’s freshly-brewed concoction. And, if you have your own ideas, please let us know – either by calling or on our Facebook page. We might try it out.

create your own flavor sensation

Create Your Own Masterpiece

Everyone has their own tastes. The great thing about Kombucha is you can make it be just about anything you want it to be. Simply start with our basic Blackstrap Kombucha. It is the perfect palate, as it has absolutely no added flavors. If you’re unsure as to what to do next, we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.


It seems everyone has something good to say about Kombucha: Jasper Ridge Kombucha, in particular. If a person has never had Kombucha, they are pleasantly surprised at how good this robust, refreshing beverage tastes. Many people, who are avid booch drinkers, tell us they enjoy ours the most.

But, don’t take our word for it. Let’s see what people have to say.

…I genuinely believe in your product…  I’ve tried many other Kombuchas out there and none of them even come close!

Mimi V. Friend From Farmers’ Market

It’s good:)

Kim H. Friend and Fellow Boocher

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Our Booch Master, Chef Jeff, has been brewing this delicious beverage and sharing with friends and family for quite a few years. Now that he's perfected his tea blends and gentle extraction method, we're ready to take it to the streets and give everyone the same golden opportunity to enjoy.

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